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Writer's Block: My Family's Future

What do you most want for your family’s future?
What I want for my family in the future is for them to be happy together and to be healthy and well situated, not rich, not poor.
middle class I guess
I dont want them to have a reason to be sad or regretful


wow its been I while since I've posted an entry, I guess I've been busy......=/ not really though.
My movies I ordered from Amazon still have not showed up, I'm starting to get a little paranoid....I wanna see them!
I took my written drivers exam yesterday at the DMV I spent around 4 days studying for it and good news, I passed! I was so happy I wanted to jump up and down, it was my first time taking the test and I passed! Now that I have my permit (at 18!) I hope I can start becoming comfortable driving so that I can pass the driving test and get my drivers liscence! When I went to the DMV I also ordered my I.D. since I am 18 and many people do not believe I am. So now when people ask me if i'm 18 I can just show them my I.D. but I get it in 5 to 10 bussiness days : /

Writer's Block: Youthful Transgressions

What mistake made in your youth do you most regret now?
I regret
Breaking the law
numerous times....

My mom rented Watchmen and I watched it :D
oohhh and since I ordered the movie from Amazon they are letting me rent the movie meaning I can watch it on their website at any time but once I start the movie I have 24 hours to watch it....good deal ;D

I slashed my pinky finger somehow
it hurt!
but it wasnt bleeding....
anyway I put a HK & friends bandaid on it :)
but then I took a shower so now its gross

Writer's Block: Total Eclipse of the Sun

Solar eclipses, like the one visible in India and across Southeast Asia today, have often inspired violence, fear, and superstition in the past. What do they signify to you?
The universe is an extraordinary place.

I am so so so happy right now
I just ordered the Watchmen (Director's Cut) (Two-Disc Special Edition + Amazon Digital Bundle + Digital Copy) and the Twilight (Two-Disc Special Edition) from Amazon for around $29 w/ free shipping!
They said it should get to me by Monday...I hope so!
I saved like $40

What I keep in my purse

ONE// Jere'
TWO// 18
FOUR// I can not leave my house w/o my cell phone, water, gum, chapstick, and my keys
FIVE// one of my many purses. This one is from Forever21

ideep inside!Collapse )


who voted for Arnold whats his face for California Gov.?

baaad idea, i dont agree with a lot of things he is doing...
on a lighter note, I can finally be on the computer while laying in my bed.
yesss. I have a laptop. I just raised my cool level...and maybe just lowered it.

my dell...inspiron..?
eh I think so
I wanted a pink one really bad but black is ok...wow the beginning of college life...I feel like an adult...without a job or car.

Watchmen comes out on Tuesday (I think) yaayyy!!
I want the directors cut
they are showing the directors cut for a limited time at the chinese theater in Hollywood.
i wanna gooo

I feel extra lazy tonight